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Early Learning Centers

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide meals?
  • Yes! Breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner are provided at no additional cost.
Do the children take naps?
  • Yes, all the children have a naptime from approximately 12:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. If your child stays for evening care the bedtime is 8:30 p.m.
What is Step Up to Quality?
  • Step Up To Quality is Ohio's quality rating and improvement system for licensed learning and development programs. Step Up To Quality recognizes learning and development programs that exceed quality program standards over and above Ohio's licensing standards. Supports and awards are available to assist programs in achieving and maintaining a Star Rating.
Do you participate in Step Up to Quality?
  • Yes! All our centers are Step Up to Quality star rated.
What educational training does your staff have?
  • Most of our lead teachers are degreed in either, Early Childhood Education, Child Development or an equivalent. All our staff completes the Step Up to Quality training classes each year as well as being trained in first aid, communicable disease and the detection and prevention of child abuse.
Do you provide diapers?
  • We do not provide diapers. Each family is responsible for providing diapers for their child. We will remind you when the supply runs low.
Do you provide formula and baby food?
  • Yes! We provide both formula and baby food for the infants. Check with the center director to for the current brand being served.
Is there a fee for transportation?
  • Yes, there is an additional fee for schoolagers who are using the transportation service.
What security measures does the center have in place?
  • All Kozmic Korner facilities have locked keypad security on the main door to the facility. No one is able to enter the building without a key code. All external doors are locked from the outside. Everyone coming into the facility that is not known to the staff must provide identification. All our centers are on an internet based file system. In the event of an emergency or power outage any Kozmic Korner can contact the parents from any other Kozmic Korner facility.